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#1 Olees Sleep 13 inch Galaxy Hybrid gel Infused Memory Foam

There are many reviews that praise the comfort of this mattress, but this review is the most convincing. This couple spent months searching for a mattress that would provide the correct support after suffering from back pain and scoliosis for years. “It was the first morning I woke up with no lower back pain. I thought to myself this must be a fluke,” they say. “The bed forms to my body, but doesn’t leave a body impression in the memory foam after I get out of bed like I thought it would. It’s the perfect combo of soft and firm. I honestly do not think I have had a better night sleep.”

#2 Linenspa 8 Inch Innerspring Hybrid and Memory Foam

“Avoid the ‘dead’ feel of a completely memory foam mattress AND the harsh ‘springs in your back’ feel of a just spring mattress by buying this,” writes one reviewer of this hybrid mattress, which uses both foam and springs for support. “This is the perfect marriage of traditional spring and foam,” one reviewer explains, while another says, “The foam topping is great and the spring base seems to keep you from sinking in too much.” In fact, the most common complaint among reviewers is that they’re getting too much sleep with this mattress. “It’s been less than a week since I started using this mattress and I’m very close to failing my classes because I keep oversleeping,” one user writes. They add, “I usually take evening naps and they used to be two hours and now they’ve gone up to five because it’s far too comfortable.”

#3 Modway Aveline 6” Gel Infused Memory

This mattress has been rated five stars by over 300 reviewers. As one declares, “I enjoy firm mattresses and this is a firm mattress. So, if that is not your preference then this is not the mattress for you.” Another says, “I like sleeping on a firm surface and this is really incredible,” explaining, “It has just a little give with a little bounce but is over all firm.” While many agree that it is firm, they also say it eventually conforms to your body. “At first it seemed really firm which worried me, but after sleeping in it, it is soooo comfy and has gotten just a little bit softer,” one writes, while another says, “It is pretty firm at first but once you lay in it for a few minutes, your body heat will soften it up and then it just kind of molds into your shape and is so comfy.”

#4 Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memo Foam

Reviewers love the cooling-gel foam layer that tops this foam mattress, with one calling it “a mattress as cold and hard as my heart.” They add, “You can feel the cooling gel over the sheets. If you’re a hot sleeper, I highly recommend.” Others agree on this mattress’s ability to keep sleepers from overheating, like this satisfied customer who writes, “I loved the fact that it stays cool, so I had no issues sleeping. Before this bed, I would usually feel my body sweating and overheating in the night, so it was near impossible to sleep.” Says another, “Let me tell you, I am a very hot sleeper living in Houston, Texas. With no pads or anything other than a sheet, this mattress didn’t feel hot at all.” One reviewer cites the cooling gel as the reason for this effect, saying that it “does not hold in my body heat like my old mattress, and I no longer wake up during the night drenched in sweat.” And one customer concludes, “No more back pain, and the cooling gel is wonderful if you experience night sweats and hot flashes.”

# 5 Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Latex Mattress – Memory Foam- Responsive latex

Reviewers who used to own memory-foam mattresses, but found them too soft, switched to this latex hybrid. This latex hybrid has a memory-foam layer sandwiched in between a latex layer with a layer of springs. One self-described combo sleeper likes that its memory foam layer “cradles all of my pressure points well,” but the added latex layer “provides enough bounce back to where I don’t get stuck in it,” unlike their old memory-foam mattress. This mattress is popular with plus-size people because of its extra support.

“I’m a big heavy guy and I can roll over easy, feel very supported, and still have that nice comfortable memory foam feel,” writes one reviewer, noting that it “keeps me on top of the bed and not in it.” A 400-pound man writes, “When I say that this bed has support I believe there’s no better vote than that,” and adds that “the edge support is phenomenal” and the “motion transfer is even better.” The biggest issue with this mattress is that it’s hard to move into the house without help: “The mattress is heavy and awkward without good grips on either the shipping box or thick plastic mattress wrapper,” one reviewer warns. “That said, it’s totally worth the effort.”

#6 Vibe 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam

Like the above Tuft & Needle mattress, this one gets a lot of love from reviewers looking to alleviate their back pain — and they also appreciate that it comes at less than half the price. “As a man with bad back problems, falling asleep, staying asleep, and waking up pain free now comes with ease,” one writes. Another says, “I also have chronic neck and low back pain, and I have not been waking up with any neck pain at all. Some low back pain, but not as bad as I was waking up with on the old bed.” Many say the comfort has to do with the medium firmness, which one says is “not too firm, but you also don’t sink all the way in.” Another calls it a “firm cloud,” explaining that “every part of your body that touches this mattress is enveloped in a firm but pliant feeling that is fantastic.” The top layer is a cool gel foam, so according to one reviewer who runs “extremely hot” and lives in the desert, “I sleep much easier.”