6 Cities To Travel In The USA If You Have A Low Budget

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Look on any travel site and you will see advertisements for getaway locations half a world over.  Sounds fantastic until you look at the price!  Simply put, not all of us want, or can afford, to go on a luxury trip this year.

This doesn’t mean we should give up and stay home.  In fact, there is some surprisingly great destinations right here at home.  Let’s take a moment to review 6 cities to travel in the USA if you have a low budget.  

1.  Washington, DC

Our country’s capital, Washington DC is a place every person should explore at least a few times.  While accommodations may be a little pricey, you save so much on every other part of your trip that it is a great low budget option.  Let’s start with the National Mall.

The National Mall is filled with museums and attractions that are offered for free.  Representing science, aviation, African American history, Native American history, and more, you can view some of the most iconic attractions in the United States.  If nothing else, wander around the free national zoo with your family and save an incredible amount on costs. 

2.  Savannah, GA

Moving a bit further south, Savannah Georgia offers a unique aesthetic and southern comfort that people just can’t get enough of.  Far less expensive than other cities like Charleston, you save a lot while exploring all of the charm this city has to offer.  Beautiful tree lined streets, the coast, and large plantation mansions near by bring you back to a time all but forgotten.  

3.  Nashville, TN

Nashville TN is a surprisingly affordable city that combines some of the best food and music out there.  Pairing that with incredibly low hotel prices, you get excellent food and quality BBQ.  Tour through the history of music and visit the iconic sites that helped to define a generation of creators.

There is also the surrounding countryside and attractions that can be fun to explore.

4.  Portland, OR

A west coast destination, Portland combines a rich culture with affordability.  Enjoy many of the parks and gardens that are free and beautiful.  Visit craft breweries and experience for yourself some pretty amazing and affordable street food.  Hip boutiques can keep anyone busy for awhile.

Areas around the city as well make for great hiking and biking.  Day trips to the north, south, and east can provide an incredible versatility of landscapes and experiences.  Make Portland your destination and experience the best of what the Pacific North-West has to offer.  

5.  Austin, TX

At the heart of Texas, Austin is a quirky city and self declared ‘live music capital of the world.’  With a great deal of outdoor attractions and lodging, you can make your trip to Austin surprisingly inexpensive.  With crowds drawn in from all around the country and beyond, it is a great place to meet and mingle.  

6.  Rochester, NY

Located in the part of New York state that most people forget about, Rochester combines location with charming attractions that are inexpensive and fun.  In the city itself, you can tour student performances of classical music from the best music school in the country, Eastman.  You can also go to many fantastic eateries and tour the great micro-breweries that call the city home.  

A river walk to the south and central part of the city combine with the impressive High Falls area where the Genesee Brewery is located.  To the north you have beaches along Lake Ontario and to the south you have some truly spectacular state parks.  In addition, you are an hour drive from Niagara Falls, the Finger lakes wine region, and more.