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#1 Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

A true kitchen workhorse, this doesn’t have a lot of fancy frills, but it will get the job done easily. This has two large paddle buttons, one for “on” and one for “off/pulse,” and that’s all you need for the machine to perform all of its functions.

This has a 14-cup work bowl that’s large enough for family cooking and an extra-large feed tube so you won’t need to cut foods like potatoes to make them fit. It has small and large pushers, so you can process the potato in one piece, or stand carrots up so they won’t fall over while you slice or shred.

It includes one shredding and one slicing disk, as well as a removable stem that can fit both of them. Also included is a metal blade for cutting, mixing, blending and kneading. This comes in a variety colors to match your kitchen and mood.


#2 Hamilton Beach Food Processor

This budget food processor will work in your kitchen and budget. It’s not the largest processor you’ll find, but the 10-cup bowl is large enough for prepping family dinners and it’s easy to empty if you need to shred multiple batches for your famous cole slaw.

The food processor comes with two speeds and a pulse option. This will make your salsa as smooth or chunky or creamy as you like. The bowl scraper can also be used while the processor runs or off.

This includes a reversible shredding/slicing blade and a stainlesssteel blade for cutting, blending, pureeing and more. When you’re done prepping dinner, the work bowl, lid, and blades are all dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy.


#3 Cuisinart DLC-2ABC

The Cuisinart mini-prep Plus model DLC-2ABC DLC-2ABC has a balanced machine. A quality case, a decent motor and variety of color choices, one will get their money’s worth out of this model.

However, judging the machine from all angles, we can’t leave out the little setback that its grinding ability is not as good as advertised, though still okay.

Apart from that, it’s no doubt a good bargain. Maybe that’s why it’s still standing among the top 5 best sellers for such a long while.


#4 Ninja Blender/Food Processor 

The Ninja Master Prep Pro System QB1004 comes at a very affordable price. The set offers versatility that is rarely found in one purchase and is currently one of the most popular products on multiple online retailers.

The only drawback is you can’t add ingredients mid processing, which could be a fatal blow from a food processor standpoint. To be frank, they are truly more of a budget blender set.


#5 Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic

This vintage food processor is almost retro. One paddle controls the on, off and pulse functions. This makes it easy to use. While this isn’t a huge processor with a 7-cup bowl, it still has all the functions of its larger cousins, including the ability to knead bread dough.

This includes a medium slicing disc, a shredding disc, and a stainless steel chopping blade for processing everything from cheese to mayonnaise, and it includes a flat cover that you can use when you’re processing in the bowl and you don’t need to add food during processing.

This machine has small and big pushers, as well a large tube that feeds the food. You can use it to make soup from celery and carrots, but you can also process larger foods without chopping them. All of the removable parts can be washed easily after cooking.


#6 Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville Sous Chef™ 16 Pro BFP800XL is doubtlessly an expensive piece of appliance. Still, judging by its popularity and its positively reviewed functionality, I think it’s safe to say that this (almost) $400 will be a fruitful investment.

Breville’s BFP800XL Sous-Chef Food Processor aims to please a wider range of professional kitchen cooks. This machine is currently the top-rated high-end processor on Amazon at the time this article was written.


#7 Magimix Food Processor 5200XL

Most food processors can hold 14 cups. But this 16-cup Magimix, made in France by Robot Coupe, can hold almost any type of food. Not only is it large, but it includes accessories that you won’t find with other food processors. It comes with three bowls so you can mix small and large quantities of food. You can also use them one after another. When you’re done, they nest inside the machine, so you don’t need to find space to store them.

There are only three buttons on this button: one for stopping, one to activate auto (which keeps it on), and one to pulse. The induction motor adjusts power to power through dense materials. The large feed tube is suitable for large foods. Three-stage pusher allows for the handling of small, medium and large foods without tipping them over or cutting unevenly.

Sabatier makes the chopping blades to fit into separate bowls. They are knife-quality. Blendermix insert is a unique tool that moves food around in the bowl, resulting in a smoother blend and a creamy texture. The dough blade is able to mix and knead dough, even dense bread dough. The whisk can whip cream, beat eggs whites, and even whip cream just like a stand-mixer. The set also includes 2mm to 4mm slicing and grating disks as well as a citrus juicer.

The storage case can hold all accessories and blades. The free Magimix app includes hundreds of recipes, so you’ll get the most out of the machine.


#8 Hamilton Beach 10-Cup

This food processor is ideal for those times when space is limited, but you still want to make cooking easier. The 10-cup bowl is large enough to hold most recipes. You can also empty it when necessary. There’s just one simple toggle switch to choose from, so it’s easy to operate.

This includes one reversible slicing and shredding disc and a metal chopping blade, so you won’t have a lot of extras to store. When you’re done using it, the lid can be flipped upside down so the feed tube is inside the bowl, and the cord wraps neatly so it won’t get in the way.