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#1 Honeywell HCM350W

The Honeywell HCM-350 is an excellent value for many reasons, particularly if you don’t need extra features. This cool-mist humidifier can treat rooms up to 500 square feet and has a water output of 2.3 gallons per day.

The water tank holds 1.5 gallons, which is more than other budget humidifiers that often hold a gallon or less. 

Because this is an evaporative humidifier, it creates moisture by blowing air through a water-soaked wick. The wick has antibacterial properties and helps capture minerals before they get into the air. It also has an ultraviolet light between the water tank and the wick that can kill bacteria for an added layer of purification. However, you need to change the wick out every so often, as it becomes less-absorbent and effective over time. Replacement wicks cost around $10, so this can make the machine more expensive in the long run than some ultrasonic models. 

The Honeywell HCM-350 doesn’t have many convenience features like timers, humidistats or an automatic shut-off. This means you need to keep track of the machine while in use so it doesn’t run out of water, which could lead to overheating. This humidifier has three fan speeds, which don’t produce much noise but allow you to adjust the water output. The three-year warranty on the Honeywell HCM-350 is much better than the one-year coverage you get on similar-priced humidifiers.

#2 TaoTronics Cool Mist 

f you feel that your home needs a humidity boost, you can rely on it to increase the humidity level without affecting air quality. This is due to the microporous cartridge that filters the water before turning it into the mist, thus eliminating bacteria that could also cause bad odors.

However, avoid adding scented oils to the water tank because this could damage it. This sleek ultrasonic unit features a transparent water tank that can hold over a gallon of water, enough to create mist for 15 hours continuously.

An innovative feature is the humidity control provided by the electronic display that lets you set the timer, the desired amount of humidity you want to add, and the amount of mist that it will create. As for noise, you have nothing to worry about because the device creates only 38 dB of noise, being quieter than the majority of the products on the market.

#3 URPOWER 2nd Version

It should come as no surprise that we have been included this model in our list. It is an upgraded model that produces more mist than the old version. It is also equipped with several features that you may not find on another device.

For example, it comes with an adjustable mist mode and a waterless auto shut-off. In addition to this, there are 7 color LED lights for a more pleasant atmosphere. You may be surprised to discover that it uses aroma essential oils. But you shouldn’t worry about these oils as they are safe and does not contain harmful organisms.

However, it is recommended to use only 100% pure essential oils. The URPOWER comes with a stylish Japanese design. It has an auto shut-off button for safety and a quiet operation. This is an interesting device that will add moisture to your air in order to eliminate dryness. It provides a plethora of health benefits. It does wonders for your skin and hair. In addition to this, it will give a pleasant scent to your room.

#4 VicTsing

This mist diffuser by VicTsing is an incredible device that will help you relax in a soothing environment. With all its features, functions and settings it will provide you with therapeutic benefits. Its main purpose is to add moisture to your room, but as compared to other similar devices, it will also create a calming and soothing environment.

Therefore, it is important to know that it features a waterless auto-off function and 4-time setting modes such as 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and continuous. In addition to this, you can choose from a strong and standard mist option. Both, the right timer mode and mist option will help you create a relaxing room ambiance.

This is not all because it also comes equipped with 7 soothing colors with 2 light options each. It should be noted that it comes with a 12-month worry-free warranty. All in all, it is a nice option worth taking into consideration.

#5 Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic

The Pure Ultrasonic is one of the most popular humidifiers, and for good reason. With a 1.5-liter tank, it’s perfect for bedrooms, offices, and medium-sized rooms. The top-mounted clear tank lets you to easily see its water levels, allowing you to keep track of your next refill time. However, considering Pure designed it to last 16 hours on a single tank, you shouldn’t need to replenish the humidifier very often.

The 360-degree nozzle offers quick and convenient speed and directional mist adjustments. The unit also shuts off automatically if it runs out of water, so you don’t have to worry about wasted energy if the humidifier empties while you’re out. 

The device doubles as a nightlight, too. Simply activate the nightlight, and the Ultrasonic produces a gentle blue glow which serves as a perfect nighttime ambiance in the bedroom. However, if you need a humidifier for larger rooms or the entire home, you’ll need a more powerful device. Due to its shape, the device can be difficult to clean if you don’t stay on top of the recommended weekly cleaning. Fortunately, it comes with a brush to make cleaning a bit easier.

#6 Vornado Evap2

Humidifiers use either ultrasonic or evaporative technology to create a humidifying mist. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For those who prefer the evaporative humidifiers, the Vornado Evap2 is the best option. At a coverage level of covers 600 square feet, it’s perfect for a medium sized room.

And it only requires one refill per day, as it has a one-gallon reservoir and runs 2 gallons per day. Since it’s evaporative, it doesn’t leave behind the white dust common with ultrasonic humidifiers. It’s also safe to set on hardwood surfaces, as it doesn’t leave damp spots. However, it’s also louder and uses more energy than an ultrasonic model. Many people find the louder sound of a humidifier fan comforting, as it functions similar to a white noise machine when sleeping.

The Vornado only produces a cool-mist, as it lacks a heating element for a warm mist. The best humidifiers function as both, making them versatile in warm and cold climates. If you have kids, especially small children, a cold-mist humidifier like the Vornado is the safer option, as it can’t scald them with steam or hot water.

#7 Holmes HM2610TUM Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers are popular because they are very quiet and efficient. However, these humidifiers are more expensive than evaporative models. At about $50, the Holmes HM2610 is most affordable ultrasonic humidifier we tested. It’s not as quiet as more expensive ultrasonic humidifiers, but it’s much quieter than evaporative models. It produces just a small hum with the occasional gurgle as the water moves through the system. It doesn’t have the coverage area of more expensive humidifiers, but it’s still plenty capable, covering 500 square feet with 2 gallons per day. It also has a large 1.5-gallon reservoir for a humidifier at this price, and it runs uninterrupted for 24 hours, for less refilling.

The downside to an ultrasonic humidifier like the Holmes, is the white dust it leaves behind if the humidifier isn’t fitted with a filter to remove the minerals from the water before it’s turned into a mist.

#8 Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

If you’re able to find a safe spot to keep a warm mist humidifier far away from little hands, then this is one from Vicks is a great pick. It holds one gallon of water, which can provide humidity for up to 24 hours, and automatically shuts down when it runs out. Even better? You can insert menthol-laced Vicks VapoPads into the humidifier to fill the room with this easy-breathing scent.


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