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#1 Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is our top choice for water bottles. It was the most versatile, durable, well-designed, and portable of all water bottles.

Double-wall vacuum technology prevents condensation from building up on the outside of the bottles. It also helps insulate hot or cold beverages, maintaining their temperature. tested the Hydro Flask’s insulation by placing ice in a water bottle. They found that the Hydro Flask had ice when they checked the temperature the next morning.

#2 YETI RAMbler

Yeti is synonymous for outdoor ruggedness. Their products are built to withstand all the elements and keep food and clothing fresh. The Yeti Rambler water bottles are a top choice and have been voted the “Best for the Outdoors” by experts.

Double-walled insulation prevents the liquid from heating up and freezing to the touch. Its generous 26-oz. The generous 26-oz. capacity will keep you hydrated while on hiking or camping trips. states that it can hold three lemonades, four mint juleps, and has the ability to be filled with water.

#3 Nalgene HDPE 48oz

This 48oz water bottle is my personal favorite. It’s BPA-free and made with the best plastics and metals.

I love having a large, 1.5 liter bottle. It’s easy to refill. It’s durable, but lightweight and easy to carry.

#4 Brita Sport

Brita is known to be a great water bottle. It comes with a filter system that keeps your water fresh. This water bottle is ideal for sports because of its soft squeeze body. It can be used while hiking, biking, or any other outdoor activity.

Though plastic bottles (even BPA free) can sometimes leach flavors into water, Brita’s filter, which only needs to be changed once every two months, helps prevent those strange, plastic odors from permeating the water.

#5 Hydrapak Stash

Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle: The Hydrapak Stash Water bottle is the ultimate collapsible water bottle. Simply screw it down and go. By the time it’s empty the hard BPA-free plastic lid meets the base and the whole thing tucks away in the pocket of your cargo pants or your fanny pack. Water tastes clean and clear, the wide mouth makes for easy access and when it’s empty it weighs a scant 3.3 ounces.

#6 Klean Kanteen

Another great bottle for retaining a beverage’s temperature is the Klean Kanteen. It can keep beverages cold for up to two days thanks to its Climate Lock insulation.

You can use different types in-brand caps with the Klean Kanteen. So you can use the loop cap for easy carry and to hook onto a backpack, or a quick-twist café cap which can be used as a casual to-go mug.

#7 Thermos Intak

This 24 oz, BPA free, dishwasher-safe water bottle from Thermos is a strong contender in the reusable water bottles market. Everything about the bottle says ‘practical’, from the contoured shape with the textured grip pad to the small but strong carrying loop to the flip top cover that keeps your contact surface clean and hygienic. Available in a variety of attractive colours.

#8 CamelBak eddy

CamelBak Eddy solves an issue many people face when drinking from water bottles. You have to tip it at an odd angle to get a drink. This water bottle has a straw that flips open and closes.

To increase water flow, you can press down on the valve. The CamelBak Eddy has a lifetime guarantee, is dishwasher-safe, and is made from BPA-free materials

#9 Nalgene Tritan

Who didn’t have a Nalgene in their backpack during the 90s? Well, just in case you forgot Nalgene is still here and their water bottles – like this Tritan Wide Mouth – are still outstanding values. The Tritan has a sturdy carrying loop and a no-drip lid. It also comes with both milliliters and ounces measurements. You’ll need some kind of pack to carry this any distance but it’s worth it. Made in the USA, this durable, chemical-free product is durable.

#10 Thermos Intak

If you’re the kind of person who needs to keep your water consumption in mind, then the Thermos water bottle is for you. The lid has a rotating intake meter that helps you keep track of how much water your body is consuming throughout the day.

With a one-hand push up lid and a carry loop, it’s easy to use while on the go. states that the Thermos’ only drawback is the fact that the water can be warmed up to room temperature within an hour.