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If you want a career with a lucrative incomes, you will benefit from discovering the 17 highest paying jobs. There are some great ways to make a lot of money, although some of them will require quite a few credentials. If you’re willing to do the work, we recommend investigating a career pathway which will make you eligible for one of the jobs listed below. When you move towards this goal, you’ll be able to rake in big bucks. 

20. Optometrist

This job pays about 113k per annum and salaries for this position are expected to increase by twenty-seven percent over the next eight years. As you can see, job prospects for optomestrists are great. In terms of credentials, they vary by country. It’s important to check and see what prospective employers want in terms of education and experience. When you choose this job, you’ll spend your workdays diagnosing and treating eye problems and prescribing glasses and contact lenses. Expect to successfully complete at least eight years of post-secondary education in order to become qualified. 

19.) Business Operations Manager

This position pays around 117k per year. These types of management professionals look after aspects of business operations. For example, they do the hiring, make sure contracts are as beneficial to their businesses as possible and use strategy in order to move companies forward. As well, they build teams and then lead them. American cities which offer higher salaries for this position include the Big Apple and Bridgeport (in Connecticut). 

18.) Pharmacist

When you do this job, you’ll make about 118 thousand dollars per year. Pharmacists play an important role in health care delivery, by filling prescriptions for medications and teaching patients about any side effects and contraindications of medications. Salaries for this position are expected to climb by three percent over the next eight years, so job prospects are bright. Check guidelines for your state in order to find out how much education is necessary in order to quality for this job. 

17.) Sales Manager

This employment position pays 126k per annum. When you embark on a career as a sales manager, you’ll ensure that your businesses’ products make their way to clients. In order to achieve this goal, you’ll need to build relationships with customers, keep tabs on an array of territories for sales, lead your salesmen and women and ensure that new sales staff get the training that they need. As well, you’ll be in charge of outlining strategies for teams and establishing goals over the short and long term. Most people who do this job have one or two degrees in business. 

16.) Financial Manager

This job typically pays about 130k each year and salaries for this position are expected to increase by about seven percent over the next eight years. When you take on the responsibility of being a financial manager, you’ll be in charge of a company’s finances. This means that you’ll control what is spend and that you’ll also be expected to create projections for profits. In addition, you’ll need to keep tabs on cash flow for projects and ensure that accounting is performed correctly. If you’re a detail person and you’re great at math, you may excel in this job. It will require a lot of organisation, analytical skills and focus. 

15.) Attorney

An attorney may also be called a lawyer and he or she will typically earn about 133k per year. Lawyers tend to choose particular areas of law practice, from personal injury to divorce and beyond. They may work for themselves or work at law firms. Some also act as company lawyers for corporations or bigger companies. In addition, some lawyers work for the local courts as district attorneys. This job is a demanding one and lawyers are known to put in plenty of hours. You’ll need a law degree and acceptance to the Bar for your State in order to qualify. California tends to pay the most to its attorneys.

14.) IT Manager

This challenging job requires a lot of technical savvy in the field of computers and it usually pays around 136k. It’s a job position with a big future, as salaries for IT managers are expected to increase by fifteen percent over the next eight years. If you want to pursue this position, you should know that IT managers are responsible for supervising upgrades to hardware, protecting office network services from being hacked and liaising with upper management in order to devise the right technology solutions for companies. Check current job postings in order to see what employers are looking for from candidates.  

13.) Marketing Manager

‘Team work’ concept. Coworkers at the business meeting.

Marketing managers make approximately 137k per year and this job is expected to pay up to nine percent more than that over the next eight years. If you want to take on this challenge, you’ll need to be flexible, as duties vary from job to job. However, you may expect to do hiring, plan for the company’s future and create marketing designs. Some American cities pay more to marketing managers – examples include the Big Apple and San Francisco, California.ty.

12.) Podiatrist

If you’re interested in making around 137k per year, becoming a podiatrist will allow you to access the high salary that you are looking for. This position’s salary is supposed to increase by a whopping fourteen percent over the next eight years, so it’s definitely got growth potential. When you choose a career as a podiatrist, you’ll look after the ankles and feet of patients and treat a range of health conditions which happen in these parts of the body. You’ll need extensive education, including medical school completion and residency at a hospital in order to qualify. You’ll also need to pass a challenging examination.

11.) Prosthodontist

This position pays a salary of 142k per year and this salary is expected to increase by eighteen percent over the next eight years. When you become a prosthodontist, you’ll create prosthetics for the mouth, which function as artificial teeth. Benefits of these prosthetics are cosmetic and may also be more important. For example, some prostheses allow patients who’ve lost the ability to eat and talk due to dental problems to regain these abilities. This job requires painstaking attention to detail and plenty of training. 

10.) Nurse Anesthetist

This position requires a lot of skill and responsibility and it pays 158k per year, on average. Demand for health care professionals is growing, so it’s expected that salaries for this job will go up by nineteen percent over the next eight years. These types of health care experts assist physicians with completing procedures, by giving patients anaesthetics which stop pain and put patients “under” (locally or generally). Lots of education is required, beyond a typical nursing degree and certification. As well, experience with critical care is needed. 

9.) Dentist

This position pays 166k and salaries for this job are expected to rise by eighteen percent over the next eight years. If you’re interested in becoming a dentists, you should be comfortable with maintaining patient health via typical dental care, including cleanings, x-rays, fillings and root canal procedures. The city of Brownsville in Texas is one great place to earn great money as a dentist! Check state rules in order to see what education and credentials you will need in order to qualify.

8.) Pediatrician

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in helping babies, kids and teens. WIthin this category of medical practice, there are a host of specialties, such as cancer treatment and psychiatric assistance. Some doctors who are pediatricians practice general medicine. If you want to pursue this career, you’ll need to become a medical doctor, which takes years at school, and then specialise in pediatrics during your residency. When you get hired, you may expect to earn about 175k per year. Salaries for this position are expected to go up by ten percent over the next eight years. 

7.) Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists earn about 182k per year. Salaries for this position are expected to go up by about fifteen percent over the next eight years. This position is all about using medical experience and education in order to help patients enjoy better mental health. These doctors perform important services by helping patients manage symptoms of an array of mental disorders, including bipolar disorder and depression. A lot of education and experience is required in order to quality for this position. Check rules for the state where you want to work in order to ensure that you follow the right career pathway. 

6.) Doctor

A doctor is also known as a physician and he or she will usually earn about 190k per year. Salaries for this position are expected to go up by nine percent over the next eight years. Doctors have different areas of speciality and some practice general medicine i.e. work as family doctors. Post-secondary education followed by medical school and a residency is the pathway towards this high-paying and demanding job. It’s best for those with analytical minds and the desire to help others. 

5.) Orthodontist

If you would like to become an orthodontist, you may expect to earn 201k per year once you are hired. An orthodontist creates nice smiles by correcting problems with bites and straightening teeth. Usually, orthodontists spend their time fitting patients with braces and other hardware which repairs bites or straightens teeth, or both. Treatment plans are unique to each patient. This job requires plenty of education, as well as good people skills and great attention to detail. 

4.) Obstetrician 

This jobs pays about 214k per year. Salaries for this position are expected to increase by eighteen percent over the next eight years. These types of doctors help women to give birth and they also make sure that mothers receive good health care while they are expecting. To become a doctor, you’ll need to get a degree and then move onto medical school. After this, you’ll need to complete a residency for this speciality. 

3.) CFO

A chief financial officer for a big company will typically earn at least 250k and some earn much more. This type of financial expert will need to oversee the financial doings of a company or corporation and ensure that the entire organisation is being run in a fiscally-responsible manner. A CFO needs vision, as well as extreme attention to detail. He will report to the company’s CEO, which stands for Chief Executive Officer.  

2.) Entertainer

Some entertainers earn millions, while others earn less. A successful rap artist may earn a fortune, while a less successful DJ may earn a great salary, such as 500k per year. Salaries run the gamut but the potential to earn big by entertaining others is definitely there. Other examples of entertainers who earn high salaries include fashion models, actors and actresses. Pro athletes also entertain audiences via their prowess in sports and they are able to command high salaries, although these will vary.  

1.) CEO

Salaries for CEO may range in the millions and they may pay less. It really depends on the size of the companies in question. However, when a company is large, the potential to earn is very high and CEOs typically also enjoy other perks, such as stock options and VIP lifestyles. Some CEOs have superyachts, compounds which are gorgeous estates and their own planes. It all depends on how powerful and rich their companies are. 

Now that you know the 17 highest paying jobs, you’ll be ready to create a career pathway which puts you in line for a truly lucrative salary. While money isn’t everything, having a lot of it definitely makes life easier and also gives access to the best things in life, from luxurious homes to great cars to champagne and designer clothes. However, those who work in the jobs on our list need to work very hard in order to quality for these jobs and keep working hard in order to excel at them. Everything comes at a price, including wealth. Hopefully, you’ve found this list interesting and inspirational. 


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