High Protein Diet – Best Way to Lose Weight?

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There is so much misinformation in the diet world, one day they tell us that you need carbs for energy – the next day they tell us that high protein diet with low carb intake is the best way to lose weight…

So which one is it?!

One thing to understand is that a high protein diet doesn’t really mean that exactly – its more of high fat – moderate protein – low carb diet. A little confusing, yes! But don’t worry.

What Fuel Can Your Body Run On?

Glucose (AKA Carbs, AKA The White devil)

If you eat a normal diet which is around 40%+ carbs, then congrats: your body is running on glucose – that simply means your body relies on carbs for its main energy source.


When you eat a very low carb intake, your body cannot use glucose for energy anymore so it starts to create ketones.

And how does one create ketones? FAT!

So when your body is switching to ‘keto state’, it begins to utilize body fat as an energy source.

And that folks, is why a well-balanced ketogenic diet is so effective in targeting weight loss!

Some foods high in protein or low in carbs:

Red meat
Cheese (well most of them – read the label)
Whey protein
Green vegetables

It all seems too Good. What are the drawbacks!?

The main concern on this diet is low energy levels; your workouts can suffer, especially at the beginning when your body is still not used to running on ketones.

You’re very likely to feel tired, slow due to your low energy.

However, your tiredness and low-energy-state should pass after a couple of days or a week. When you’re adapted to the diet, you’ll be fine!

Some helpful ketoganic diet resources

  • Ruled.me website which is full of excellent literature
  • The keto Calculator will help you figure out the exact micros you need to consume
  • bodybuilding.com have some excellent info on ketogenic diets – check out this article for more info
  • Primal Edge Health is an excellent YouTube channel on the keto diet