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I’ve been watching coach Corey Wayne’s videos for years now, he keeps a very full YouTube channel and i have heard good things about his book – How To Be A 3% Man and decided to give it a read so I can learn a little and share my book review with you guys.

So whats “the How To Be A 3% Man” book is all about?

Some of the topics are:

  • Exactly how many days to wait before calling a girl
  • The different way men and women experience the attraction process
  • Understanding the attraction scale and identifying your position on it
  • How to handle yourself during the date
  • How to manage an ongoing relationship with a women

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with coach Corey’s work here, especially the first few chapters that tell you to chill out.

On those chapters, Corey is writing about why guys should stop taking things too seriously right off the start. He says we should focus of having fun, hanging out with the girl and don’t start planning a future too soon. I mean, if you bring up your “future children” on your first date, it could be pretty scary. If a girl asked you to propose after the first date, what would you think?

 coach Corey Wayne

According to Coach Corey It’s important to understand rushing into serious thins is bad. Most guys and even girls are under the impression that women are much faster in getting all emotional,  making future plans and wanting to get “serious”,  fast! But believe it or not –and I still don’t fully believe it– it’s the opposite!

There’s nothing that will make a woman run faster from you then showing a higher level of emotional investment in her then what she feels to you.

Time Apart is Crucial

One key point Corey makes is the importance of giving her space to miss you. That’s a huge point and most guys have no clue about it.

Sometime the time you are NOT spending with her is more important in the attraction process, than the time that you are actually in her presence.

That’s just a few pointers from the book. Overall, this is a great book for anyone who wants to improve his “game” – if you follow Corey’s advice – you can be pretty sure you are in the safe zone and you won’t make any crucial mistakes in the process…unless she just isn’t attracted to you!


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