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Generally, people are very hesitant to start an online store because of the costs involved and the fulfillment problems but the drop shopping system makes it MUCH easier.

Imagine somebody telling you that you can open your own online store and they would take care of all the procedural issues, manufacturing your product, packing it and then finally delivering it to your client.

And that’s in a nutshell is what drop shipping is all about. you open up an online store, list your products and then when one of them is sold –  you simply send the order info to the drop shipper and he takes care of everything. you send him his $ cut and keep the rest.

sounds too easy? too good to be true?

well while the process is indeed easy there is a learning curve here.

from picking the right products, finding good suppliers and eventually bringing traffic to your online store that will convert into actual sales.

Excited to get started?

Here are the first 3 steps to get you going as a drop shipping beginner.

Pick a Niche/Product

this is the first step in the process and probably the most crucial one.

ideally you will pick a niche or a product that you relate to. for example a guy who is weight lifting and using health supplements will go for something related to that. that is not a must but it will indeed be good if you have some previous experience in this niche/or you are actually using those products your self.

go over to amazon and just start browsing the different categories and products lists. see whats popup to you then start researching further.

maybe you have an idea how to market this product better. or  even how to manufacture this product in a better way.

Find drop ship partners

After you found a product you need to find a drop shipper to work with.

reach out to multi online stores which deal in the same niche as the kind of products you want to deal with.  shot them a polite email and inquire if they have interest in working with you.

show that you serious and willing to work hard. don’t forget to ask important questions, like:

  • how much is their delivery cost
  • is there a cap for the amount of items that can produce in an X amount of time
  • do they ship worldwide/USA only etc

Another option is visiting trade fairs as they might the best place to meet vendors of your niche segment. For every niche, there is a trade fair happening so it is advised to visit that location.

Contact the small time vendors and discuss with them the possibility of drop shipping. Some of the suppliers will be willing to work with you. there is nothing better then meeting in person the vendor you planning to work with.

It is best to discuss the payment terms and commission involved beforehand so as to avoid any hassles later on. This method is quite helpful when you are looking at selling limited inventory at the time.

a great place to find a drop shipper is at – all you need to do is find something that looks great but is still cheap and then just sell it for a few more bucks at your store = profit!

Open up a Shopify store

Last step after you have your product in mind and the supplier ready to ship is to opening up an online store.

Luckily there is currently a few superb solutions that make this as painless and easy as possible

The best one right now is using the shopify platform.

You can use Shopify to create an e-commerce website of your own. You will get to decide the entire look and feel of the website which includes its layout, color plans etc.

You can organize all your products at one place and categorize to you liking , you can choose the store theme and general outlook and many many more features. shopify also takes care of checkout process/payments etc (they do take a fee out of every transaction so that that into an account when calculating overall profit of each sell)c

they range from 29$ for the most basic plan up to $299 for the top one. best thing is that you can get a 14 days free trial to check out their system and see if it fits your needs.

Another effective way to sell your products is to register as seller with a popular e-commerce site like and selling on their platform. of course that amazon will take a higher cut of the total sale and that mean less profit for you. but a big plus is that the effort you will have to make to drive traffic will be far less then having your own store.