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The Earth is Full of Surprises

Our planet is filled with an infinite variety of animals, both small and large, aquatic and earth-bound. Some species have resided beneath the human radar for ages, and not surprisingly, most people have never heard of these animals. 

Below, you will find some of the strangest, cutest and surreal animal creatures that you never knew existed.

#1 Pink Fairy Armadillo 

One of the strangest, most whimsical creatures on the planet is known as the pink fairy armadillo. The semblance of this creature is both peculiar and cartoonish, and you just can’t resist it.

Its pinkish outer shell and furry exterior make it a worthy competitor for the cutest animal in the world. As the smallest armadillo on planet earth, this creature can survive in desert-like climates. 

The pink fairy armadillo can be found in Argentina, in planes, dunes, and other habitats. Unlike social animals, this creature chooses a solitary life, feeding on insects, plants, and worms. 

#2 The Aye-aye

The aye-aye lemur is perfect for vampire fanatics. From its dilated eyes and sharp fangs, to its permanently surprised expression, this animal is sure to make you wince in fear and curiosity. 

This nocturnal creature spends the majority of its life residing at high altitudes in trees. It is known to possess woodpecker-like attributes as well, as it can probe through wood to extract insects. 

As an omnivore, this creature feeds on fruits, nuts, and insects as well. These animals are not exactly social, as the mainly live solitary lives. 

#3 The Dumbo Octopus

If you’re a Disney fan, then you will love the dumbo octopus is as peculiar as it is adorable. The name of this strange and unknown creature comes from its prominent, ear-like fins. 

This animal comes in all of your favorite colors, including red, blue and in rare occasions purple. This species can also be found near Oregon and The Philippines also. 

The dumbo octopus uses its giant fins to propel itself through water, and its arm like appendages are used for directional movement. These animals prey on a number of sea scavengers, including crustaceans.

#4 The Patagonian Mara

The patagonian mara is a sizable rodent with jackrabbit-like features. This painfully cute creature is characterized by long limbs and ears, along with muscular hind legs. The mara is indigenous to Argentina, and it subsists on a vegetarian diet. 

#5 The Blobfish

With its listless expression and almost eerie, human-like features, the blobfish is both startling and surreal to onlookers. In spite of its blob-like appearance, it maintains an active diet of crabs, crustaceans, and sea urchins. 

This fish can be found near the waters of New Zealand and Australia. Furthermore, it can survive between depths of 2000-3900 feet, as a deep-sea creatures. Its body is characterized by low-density matter, which accounts for its strange, blob-like appearance.  

#6 The Gerenuk

If you love antelopes and giraffes, then you will definitely love the gerenuk. With its disproportionate, giraffe-like neck, the gerenuk routinely shocks onlookers both near and far. It has the elegant face and body of a deer and a surprisingly lengthy neck. 

This creature has an unfair advantage over its short-necked, antelope counterparts. The gerenuk is native to the Horn of Africa and the African Great Lakes region as well. Its diminutive muzzle allows it to extract small leaves and other plant life.