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One of the biggest mistakes I see guys are doing over and over again is not understanding the concept of space and to give her space to miss you while dating.

Why you HAVE TO give her space to miss you

in our simple guy brains it makes perfect sense. I like a girl so I will show her that by constantly messaging her, calling her, and spending time with her…


WRONG! As a matter of fact, there is noting that kills attraction faster then doing those things;

neediness is one of the biggest turnoff signs a guy can give a girl.

and those actions, the constant calling/messaging/trying to meet her, convey just that, that she is the center of your world, that you need her.

Don’t be too available

girl and guy

Being too available for her will destroy any mystery and attraction. In order to avoid that you need to have a life!

Do your own shit, spend time with friends, have hobbies,
and have a purpose and a mission in life.

Don’t have those things? Well forget about girls for now and get your life sorted first.

She doesn’t want to be the center of your world, yes she wants to be important to you, but not your reason for living.

Have Value On Your Time.

Another key element to understand is that we as humans don’t appreciate things that come too easily to us.

She needs to feel like she earns your time and your presence in her life and not like you are begging for her to spend time with you.

Just have the mindset that your time here in this world is limited (and it is) and don’t be so quickly happy to throw it away on any girl that shows mild interest in you.

Again – she needs to earn it, if you will give it up too easily don’t it have LESS VALUE.

Let Her Miss You

You need to give her time to talk about you with her friends, to wonder about you, to wonder why you are not calling her or what are you doing right now.

You need to give her space to miss you and to wonder about you.

What is her doing right now?

Maybe he doesn’t like me any more?

Is he thinking about me?

Maybe he forget about me?

All those thoughts in her head even though they might seem negative are actually great for you.

by giving her space – she starts to wonder about you, miss you, crave you.

is she knows you are totally into her (and she knows that if you are constantly texting her, calling her, etc) then she will lose interest faster then you can imagine.

When she always knows what you are up to, where you are, and what you are doing it kills the mystery and the anticipation for the next date.

Girls needs more time then men

From some reason there is a belief that girls develop emotions faster then guys.

it might be true over the long run but in the beginning of the dating phase, girls actually develop their emotions much slower then men.

We all know that feeling of meeting this special girl and already knowing “this is it!, I have met the one”

it doesn’t work like that for girls.

yes they get excited when they meet a guy they like but due to most of them having bad experience with needy/clingy guys they have a lot of blockage and they need to check things out first.

this is exactly why giving her space works so great.

you let her miss you and develop her emotions in her own pace without trying to rush her into anything.


The time you spend apart from each other is more important than the time you spend together.

Now the above statement only work if the time you do spend together is awesome.

but the real love and lunging for each other happens when you are not together, when you feel the absence of each other.

When you give her that space to miss you – then her real emotions for you can slowly built.

Final note

To giver her space to miss you, specially and critically in the beginning of the dating phase is one of the most important things you can do if you want to build real long lasting attraction.

Do not think about it as playing a game with the girl.

it is actually a gift that you are giving her, the gift of space.

Don’t be that needy guy, be the alpha man, be the man she really desire, a man who is not clingy, a man who has a life of his own.

she will love you for that.

Not convinced? Check out coach Corey Wayne video on why you have to give her space to miss you:


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